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Latest Release

rtnet-0.9.13.tar.bz2 - 2010-09-12

Change Log:

  • added rt_e1000e
  • added rt_fec
  • support for kernel up to 3.2 and Xenomai 2.6
  • support for premapping rtskbs (for compatibility with IOMMUs, enabled in rt_igb and rt_e1000e)
  • rework of rtnetproxy
  • RT-TCP fixes
  • MSI-X support for rt_igb
  • fixes, extended hardware support and cleanups for rt_r8169 (which is no longer considered experimental)
  • added REBIND_RT_NICS feature to rtnet start script (replaces "cards" driver parameter)
  • updated RTAI examples
  • copyright clarification for userspace-relevant headers
  • various smaller fixes and cleanups

You can find the previous versions in the archive.

Git Snapshot


Warning: This version may contain bugs or even refuse to compile. It is just automatically retrieved from the git development head.

Real-Time EtherBoot

EtherBoot is a well-known software for downloading boot images to disk-less network clients. The following patch adds elementary RTnet support to EtherBoot's development branch (release 5.3.11). It allows EtherBoot to be used in a running real-time network without violating the timing requirements. In other words, it enables hot-plugging even of disk-less real-time nodes.

rtetherboot-0.3.patch - 2004-12-21

Change Log:

  • added slot MTU enforcement

You can find the previous versions in the archive.

RT-EtherBoot will first search for an RTcfg server inviting the node to become part of a TDMA-managed network (revision 2.1). The RTcfg server must have been configured with both the node's IP and MAC address and has to publish the TDMA configuration in the same format the rtnet start script uses (RTnet 0.8.0 or later). For most scenarios, it is recommended to simply use the script in combination with a tdma.conf file.

You will additionally need a standard DHCP and a TFTP server listening for incoming requests from RT-EtherBoot clients on the related VNIC interface. This means that all DHCP and image download traffic is exchanged as non-real-time data in the assigned slots over the network without delaying time-critical data. Typically, the servers will run on the same node.

So far, the patch only supports x86 platforms. Porting it to other architectures would only concern the high-precision timer.

The eepro100 driver that comes with current EtherBoot is not able to handle immediately succeeding Ethernet frames (slots or synchronisation frames). Apply this eepro100 patch to fix it (adds multiple receive buffers).


RTnet is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public License. This program comes withABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

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