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RTAIReal-time Linux Extension. It is one of RTnet's platforms, but it also uses RTnet with NetRPC, a remote procedure calling interface.
RT-MBDyn"MultiBody Dynamics Analysis Software on Real Time Distributed Systems", an application of RTnet within a research project using the NetRPC interface of RTAI.
Orocos"Open Robot Control Software and Open Realtime Control Services", Free real-time control software framework. The site also presents some interesting applications which are using distributed control systems interconnected over RTnet.
SCALE-RTCommercial development environment for HiL (Hardware-in-the-loop) distributed real-time systems by Cosateq. Its real-time executive is running under Linux/Xenomai. SCALE-RT comes with RTnet in order to interconnect multiple runtime systems in hard real-time. A shared memory model is mapped upon RTnet's API, providing an alternative for a costly hardware solution.
ORTE Free implementation of the RTPS (Real-Time Publish-Subscribe) protocol that runs on top of RTnet. You have to use at least ORTE 0.2.3 (available at SourceForge) in combination with a recent RTnet version, RTAI 3.x, and a 2.4 kernel. RTPS was developed by Real-Time Innovations and is commercially offered as the NDDS middleware. Certain Schneider PLCs are based on NDDS. Furthermore, RTPS is part of the Modbus protocol which been accepted by the IEC as a Publicly Available Specification (IEC PAS 62030). RTPS uses standard UDP/IP as transport protocol and therefore depends on the real-time qualities of the underlying stack layers. Combined with RTnet, RTPS gains hard real-time support.
RACK The Robotics Application Constructions Kit (RACK) provides a middleware to ease and standardise the development of industrial and academic control software for robots. Specifically, it aims at supporting mobile service robot scenarios. Its communication system is based on a distributed mailbox mechanism called TiMS (Tiny Messaging System). TiMS can be configured to work over RTnet. This property is used on various larger research robots (more details in German) as well as industrial projects, e.g. an autonomous fork-lift (presented prototype used RACK predecessor).
EtherCAT Master Library The EtherCAT Master Library (EML) is a C++ library aiming at providing an open source implementation of the master side of the real-time Ethernet protocol EtherCAT developed by Beckhoff and maintained by the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG). Beyond support for eCos, the EML includes an adaption layer for using it over RTnet with Xenomai. EML was developed and is maintained by the Flanders' Mechatronics Technology Centre (FMTC).


Real-Time-Ethernet in AutomationGerman site (with English translation) which gives a good overview of the different approaches for soft and hard real-time Ethernet in industrial automation.
EtherealNetwork protocol analyser, supports RTnet.
RTnet Ethereal PluginErwin Rol's site about the plugin.
RTSUniversity of Hannover, Institute for Systems Engineering, Real-Time Systems Group. Home of the RTnet project.

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