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Jorge Almeida SOCK_RAW for packet sockets and ETH_P_ALL support
Hans-Peter Bock testing and bug fixing
Gilles Chanteperdrix NIC statistics, select() groundwork, various fixes and enhancements
Erik Buit NatSemi driver
Wolfgang Grandegger MPC drivers
Daniel Gregorek RT-WLAN support, RT2500 driver
Nathan Gustavson testing and bug fixing
Richard R. Jennings testing and bug fixing
Klaus Keppler RTL8169 gigabit driver
Jan Kiszka project management, core programming
Marc Kleine-Budde RTmac, build system, testing, and bug fixing
Fabian Koch various improvements of the configuration interfaces and tools
Mathias Koehrer rt_3c59x, rtnetproxy, testing, bug fixing, ip fragmentation, e1000
Cristiano Mantovani & Stefano Banzi rt_macb driver
Ulrich Marx core programming
Erwin Rol Ethereal plugin, rtnetproxy
Vinay Sridhara ICMP support
Bill Vareka Joint-slots TDMA extension
Wittawat Yamwong testing, documents, and tulip driver
Yeoh Chun Yeow rt_at91_ether driver
Yuchen Zhang Ethernet-over-FireWire support


David Schleef he wrote the original RTnet, some parts of this new variant are based on his code

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